x Dok7

Full make-over and custom design on the tail of a private jet at DOK7 fashion store in Valkenswaard – The Netherlands.

x House of Yellow / LA fuente

As an ambition for House of Yellow to once open an office in New York City, PESCH created a NYC subway-map mural. Handpainted in their corporate identity colors with acrylics.

x Van ‘t Spit

A lifesize chicken mural for an Eindhoven city based grill restaurant – The Netherlands. Custom design handpainted with acrylics.


As a Brainport Eindhoven company WAES connects people from all over the world to work as software and data-engineers in high-tech environments. And what connects people more than music and art?

WAES invited PESCH to create a custom handpainted design on the office piano for their 6th anniversary.


Mykonos offers a unique variety of steaks and freshly made sushi right in front of their guests, beloved cocktails and the Greek cuisine. PESCH designed a unique custom mural of Greek God ‘Zeus’ holding a Tomahawk steak and sushi. 


At Christmas time we teamed up again to personalize WAES holiday gifts. A creative challenge to design bottles of wine for all 12 nationalities and over 50 employees, based on their heritage and personals interests. Merry Christmas!


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