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Who is Pesch?

Joost Pesch (1988) is a contemporary artist based in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. Pesch makes originally painted canvases (on commission), murals and objects.

What style is Pesch’s artwork?

A dynamic mix of abstraction and realism, symbolic icons that arouse curiosity and the difference between dreams and reality. Pesch’s work is full of expressive use of color and direct messages that convey and evoke important positive emotions. The themes and subjects in his paintings form a basis for the color combinations that are based on personal interests and feelings such as artistic movements, history and culture.

Paintings, editions and murals

Are there any original paintings currently available?
View all available original paintings and prices in the shop. The collection is supplemented on a regular basis. The Website may not always reflect the current availability of the Items. On social media you will find the latest up-to-date information about the studio. Upon visiting the Studio, you will see an impression of items produced by Pesch.
Can I commission Pesch for a painting?
Yes, the waiting time for a painting currently varies. We discuss dimensions, photos and other details per artwork. Would you like to know more about paintings on commission? Please contact our PA or the studio for more information:
How long do Pesch's paintings take to complete?
Depending on the waiting list and delivery time of custom canvases and available materials, the process from idea to finished painting takes a few weeks.
Are there limited edition prints of paintings available?

Yes, prints of various paintings are available. Each on high-quality paper, signed by the artist. Check availability in the shop.

I want a mural, how does this work?
The process of a mural starts with an introduction on location, discussing the ideas and the possibilities. A digital design is discussed, after which an appointment follows to make the mural on location. The costs are determined by the hours, the material and the size of the painting.