Artist biography

A dynamic mix of abstraction and realism, symbolic icons that arouse curiosity and art history in our contemporary culture. These are the compelling series of paintings in which Joost Pesch (1988) seeks his balance.

By turning his deepest passion and talent into his work, he has been able to develop his own vision of the art world. Art can be anything you see around you and becomes valuable and meaningful when it evokes a positive emotion in the viewer.

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Symbolic icons that arouse curiosity and contemporary culture as a source of inspiration take you into Pesch’s colorful and versatile world. Have a look in the gallery!


In Pesch’s work you will find a selection of original artworks and limited edition prints, paintings on commission and life size murals.

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show ’21

View Joost Pesch’s solo show 2021 in collaboration with ART hotel Eindhoven.

Exclusive creations

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