Art Hotel Eindhoven: Iconology solo show

Mar 1, 2021 | Exhibition

The Iconology exhibition takes you on a journey. A journey through art history to discover masterpieces by artists who still influence artists and viewers today. The reflection of the works provide recognition that evokes a positive emotion. It becomes valuable and meaningful. The deeper meaning that Iconology seeks in art.

Art becomes more accessible when people see it in the everyday and inspires them because they recognize themselves in it.

All artworks are displayed in a mix of abstraction and realism, expressive colors and contemporary icons. 
Pesch’s own journey plays a big part in the work he creates. Symbolic icons that arouse curiosity, the balance between dreams and reality and contemporary culture are an inspiration and take you into his colorful and versatile world.

Pesch’s contemporary and innovative style attracts collectors from all over the world. The opportunity to exhibit his work at Inntel Hotels Art in his hometown Eindhoven is in line with his vision that art should be accessible without having to go to an art gallery. In this way it becomes accessible, even for those who are not looking for it.

Pesch strives for the use of varied and the best materials and careful craftsmanship. His artworks are partly based on the conviction that art can be anywhere and can be seen in anything, but that it should stand out in places where people are confronted with it without consciously looking for it. In your favorite restaurant, hotel or other public place. With this he makes his work more accessible to inspire a large audience.

By translating his deepest passion and talent into his work, Pesch has been able to develop his own vision of the art world.


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