Crypto Royals – Vitalik of Ethereum

PESCH created many physical and digital paintings in the past, but this unique digital collection will be his first artwork launched in the world of NFTs. Named as Crypto Royals by PESCH, this work of art will be an ode to a total of 5 influential figures (Royals) in the world of crypto coins and NFTs. A total of 6 unique digital hand-drawn pieces are created for each of these 5 characters. This means that the complete ‘Crypto Royals by PESCH’ collection consists of 30 unique NFTs.

Vitalik Buterin

As one of the fastest-growing crypto entrepreneurs and with the massive and revolutionary usage of the Ethereum Network in the world of Non-fungible tokens, Vitalik Buterin has fought himself to a unique place in 'Crypto Royals by PESCH’ Collection!






Crypto Royals